Dreary Nights.

As we delve into the dreary nights, we look for a closure in our sombre dreams. But such a thing is hard to find, as far as we go within. The darkest night have I ever seen… So lonely and dreary.. that all but nought will be lost. looking for that hopeful light. Advertisements

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The Sullen Tree

He was staring at me all the while. He was staring at me all this time. I was looking at the tree, which seemed so green.. nearby. All this while and all this time. I kept looking at this tree nearby. And all this time and all this while. He went sullen and sullen by […]

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The Day the Sun Shone

A new body floated ashore… Within it was desperately trying to hold onto reality. Trying to determine what was real and what wasn’t. What seemed broken and what fair. What is a broken remnant of a dream and what reality itself. Those pieces trying to fit in, trying to be there for someone but not […]

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The Merge

Remember me when we have been met before, in another time, and when we knew. All the times there have been, in tandem. And all the times, it had been so random. There is nothing to stay , or nothing to be. All there is is something to do or be. I am a fool […]

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The Dark Asphalted Road

Went so far beyond the fence, the roses were forgotten and their blooming unremembered. Their reddish hue and the freshly smell, all ignored for a downtrodden road the smell of asphalt replaced the bloom and the happiness was reduced to gloom all the while as the depth was reached, a certain limit in the mind […]

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Tappu’s Struggle

  This is me, Tappu. I am a very shy person or so I feel most probably because of a non-existent social life. We do not get enough food to eat but it is not my place to complain because I feel that my parents try their best to feed me, I mean, the garbage […]

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The Circle of Light

It had been a year since the accident. John felt he had taken a whole year to recuperate with her death. He felt ashamed at himself that he had finally managed to move on and at the same time, he felt relieved that he had gained his normal sense of being again, like nothing had […]

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A Motivational Poem

Bhaiyon, jo ho gaya so ho gaya, now, let’s hope for a better tomorrow. Let the crying go to a rest because the day after is another test, the test of a beautiful life, maybe for a beautiful wife. So keep your wits up to a level, And learn the bits of the binary viral. […]

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The Kid from the Black Hole

A free and open universe. An infinite void of space to fill! Just imagine the capabilities of an evolving human for such an environment. Not some closed room to study in. He said he had been born in space , too good to be true yet here he was , claiming to be from a […]

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